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Mrs. haifeng zhou
T: 86-0523-6585063
F: 86-0523-6585000
Address: Jiulong Industry Zone, taizhou, China [CN]
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solar module
Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you very much for reading our letter in your precious time.

We, CNS Solar Industry Co., Ltd, are a professional company involved in silicon material business and photovoltaic industry. We have more than 12 years experience in producing silicon ingots. Meanwhile, we also have 2 years experience manufacturing PV modules and other related products. Till present, our products have been applied extensively in European and North American markets. Owing to the comprehensive quality control system and testing system, we received very good reputation in the above two markets.

CNS Solar is now establishing its marketing network all over the world. We will set up branches in Europe and North America in order to provide better service to our customers.

If you can offer an email address to me, we will introduce our solar module to you, we are pleased to put the solar module's catalogs in the letter's attachment of your email.

We are looking forward to further talking with you and cooperate with you if you could give us an opportunity.

Sincerely yours,

Dear sanjay:

We are glad to get your further letter.First,Thanks for your questions.We are willing to answer and help you.We believe that we can cooperate with you successfully with sincere heart.

In your letter,you mentioned the price:About the price,we hope that you can understand us.Price of solar module follow market.At present,We give you FOB $3.9.payment:L/C,other payment is acceptable.

In your letter,you mentioned (delivery periods):We can not understand what you say.If you want to ask our capacity of production in a month.We can offer 20 containers to you.Both air and ship are acceptable.

Our cell has a battery backup provision for energy storage during day $usage during the night.Our cell is used from famous brand “Maodi”.

We have sent an attachment in the prius letter.If you dont receive it.We send our e-catalogs to you again,we also have complete catalogs of paper.If you need it by post.We are pleased to send it to you by TNT.Pls tell me in the next letter.

In your letter,you mentioned(total life of solar modules): 25 years.

In your letter,you mentioned(our installed capacity of orders):10M-20M.

In your letter,you mentioned(warranty for the modules):In 5 years, transform rate reduce to 95%,in 10 years transform rate reduce to 90%,in 15 years transform rate reduce to 85%.

In your letter,you mentioned(Minimum sunlight required ...):Owing to different zones,we can not give you detailed data.

In your letter,you mentioned(give you sole representation for India):We are glad to do it and must cooperate with you as only sole representation in India.

We look forward to your next letter!




Thanks for your further letter again!We are glad to answer your questions you mentioned.In the letter,you don't clear know about the price $3.9.I am very sorry .SO I shall explain the price,the detailed price is per Watt $3.9 FOB Shanghai,According to international market,solar modules are sold as Watt,You can look at our e-cataloge that we have sent in prevenient letter.For example a PV module with 170W Maximum Power,thus the 170W PV module price is $663.

About “warranty” and “transform rate”,Warranty is solar mudule usage life,our modules'life is 25 years,
But transform rate is transform efficiency of the modules.It means that sunlight energy that the modules absorb transforms eletricity power.Our solar modules'transform efficiency is about 17%.The more Watts the more transforms eletricity .Every module has attenuation after several years.Our modules reduce to 95% on the basic of original transform efficiency of 18% within 5 years.Within 10 years,reduce to 90%.

Your sole offer & the formal letter are under discussion,In next letter,We think we can give you detailed blue print.At the same time,you may draft a formal letter to me ,after looking it,We can amend it.At last,two parties sign the contract.My fax:86 523 6585000. tel:86 523 6585083.

About modules for demonstration at your office of different ratings.We are glad to offer modules ,Owing to expensive cost of the module,you must pay charges to us.Pls understand us!

Pls tell you address next,so we can send our catalogs & example to you.

We look forward to your further letter!